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ECORESET - Recovery & Separation Techniques S.A.

Receipt of Materials

The company adheres to strict procedures in receiving materials for recycling and processing in its facilities.  


  1. The vehicle delivering a load is weighed upon entering the ECORESET premises on the weighbridge with no occupants in the vehicle and with its engine switched off.
  2. The driver of the vehicle, upon entering the company’s premises, provides the ECORESET staff with:

    1. The vehicle’s registration certificate (only the first time that a vehicle carries a load to ECORESET).
      NOTE: The vehicle must be licensed for public use or it must belong to the company which has issued the waybill for the load. 
    2. The waybill for the load
      • A waybill and not a combined invoice/waybill must be provided
      • The approximate weight of the load must be written in numbers, as well as in words, on the waybill accompanied with the note: “finalisation of quantity at the recipient’s weighing centre”.
      • The waybill must include a detailed description of the materials for delivery, i.e., copper wires, aluminium cables, etc.
  3. The vehicle driver receives specific instructions where to park and wait there for the authorised ECORESET employee for receiving the load to arrive. While the vehicle is waiting, the driver and any other person accompanying the load must remain inside the vehicle. For safety reasons, it is strictly prohibited to leave the vehicle or move around the yard unnecessarily.
  4. The authorised ECORESET employee assigned to receiving the load indicates where the load should be deposited and the appropriate way to access it, i.e., route to follow, necessary manoeuvres, etc..
  5. The vehicle makes its way to the area where the load should be deposited.
    NOTE: The speed limit, both before and after the load is deposited, is 10 km per hour, with the exception of the radiation checkpoint, where the speed limit for passing vehicles is 5 km per hour.
  6. The load may only be unloaded in the presence of the authorised ECORESET personnel, by following his/her instructions at all times.
  7. After delivery of materials is completed, the vehicle is again weighed on the weighbridge and the resulting net weight is the accepted weight of the delivery. At this point, the ECORESET staff member at the weighbridge gives the driver a copy of the weighing record.
  8. Material processing results are sent to the supplier’s accounting office, as soon as possible, in order for the supplier to issue the corresponding sales invoice.


HEADQUARTERS - OFFICES - ACCOUNTING: Thesi Prari Moustaki, Aspropyrgos 19300, Greece

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