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ECORESET - Recovery & Separation Techniques S.A.

Company Profile

The company “RECOVERY & SEPARATION TECHNIQUES S.A.”, trading as “ECORESET S.A.”, was established in 2010. Its principle activity is to process composite materials from several different waste streams, aiming to recover secondary raw materials for supply to industry.

Specifically, its purpose is the:  

  1. Development, implementation and utilisation of technologies and techniques to separate:
    1. materials,
    2. waste and
    3. residues of the recycling process aiming to further recover metals and other commercially valuable materials.
  2. Collection, transfer, processing and disposal of residues and other materials.
  3. Recovery of metals and non-metal materials from residues of the recycling process or from the process of managing residues and other materials for its own benefit or for third parties.
  4. Processing of metal and non-metal materials.
  5. Import/export and trading (wholesale or retail) of metal and non-metal materials and/or residues derived from recycling scrap and other materials; as well as from processing redundant industrial equipment and machinery and other related items.
  6. Provision of services, i.e., consultancy services, elaboration of studies, sampling and processing of samples, measurements and data extraction for statistical purposes, sales brokerage, and other related work performed for third parties under contract.


HEADQUARTERS - OFFICES - ACCOUNTING: Thesi Prari Moustaki, Aspropyrgos 19300, Greece

FACTORY 1: Thesi Prari Moustaki, Aspropyrgos 19300, Greece

FACTORY 2: Thesi Agios Georgios, Aspropyrgos 19300, Greece

TEL: +30 210 5584373

FAX: +30 210 5584231

E-mail: contact@ecoreset.gr