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ECORESET - Recovery & Separation Techniques S.A.


Η κύρια δραστηριότητα της εταιρείας είναι η επεξεργασία και εμπορία δευτερογενών πρώτων υλών.

Steel turnings

Steel pieces free of oil and other foreign matter.

Copper Nodules
Copper Granules

Unalloyed, minimum copper content of 97%- 99%, ISRI codes Clove, Cocoa or Cobra.

Aluminium Granules
Aluminium Granules

Minimum purity 99.45%, ISRI code Tall.

Lead Strips
Lead Strips

Pure lead sheets free of foreign matter and other metals, ISRI code Racks.


Mixed shredded aluminium fraction with 2-5% of copper alloys present.

Copper Alloys
Copper Alloys

Wide range of copper alloy granules with presence of zinc, tin, aluminium and/or other metals.


HEADQUARTERS - OFFICES - ACCOUNTING: Thesi Prari Moustaki, Aspropyrgos 19300, Greece

FACTORY 1: Thesi Prari Moustaki, Aspropyrgos 19300, Greece

FACTORY 2: Thesi Agios Georgios, Aspropyrgos 19300, Greece

TEL: +30 210 5584373

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E-mail: contact@ecoreset.gr